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CAFP Committees and Special Interest Groups

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Member involvement is important to the strategic direction of the CAFP. The charge and activities of each committee provide leadership and direction on a variety of CAFP initiatives. Become part of our invigorating efforts to advance the specialty of family medicine, strengthen the health care workforce and enhance your ability to provide high quality, cost effective patient care to your communities.


CAFP committees and task forces are appointed by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee in accordance with Article X, Section 1 of the CAFP Bylaws.

If you are interested in participating in a CAFP committee, please indicate your interest by submitting your online application form.


Continuing Professional Development Committee

The Continuing Professional Development Committee is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive program of socioeconomic and scientific educational offerings for CAFP members and ensuring adherence to the CME standards set by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

Co-Chairs: Carol S. Havens, MD, Sacramento-Oakland; Christopher Flores, MD, Rancho Mirage

Members: David Bazzo, MD, San Diego; Thomas Bent, MD, Laguna Beach; Kim Duir, MD, Berkeley; Tipu Khan, MD, Ventura; Geoffrey Leung, MD, Riverside; Sarah McNeil, MD, Martinez; Karen Muchowski, MD, San Diego; Lee Ralph, MD, San Diego; William Woo, MD, Orange; Michael Potter, MD, Consultant, San Francisco; Shelly B. Rodrigues, CAE, FACEHP, Deputy EVP and Staff Liaison; Jerri Davis, CCMEP, Director, CME/CPD


Legislative Affairs Committee

The Legislative Affairs Committee is responsible for advocating for patient health and access to health care; supporting state implementation of key elements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including promoting the growth of a robust primary care physician workforce; and ensuring appropriate payment for family physicians in all areas of the medical marketplace based on the value they contribute to the delivery of health care.

Chair: Carla Kakutani, MD, Winters

Members: Taejoon Ahn, MD, MPH, Berkeley; Jack Y. Chou, MD, Baldwin Park; Pamela M. Davis, MD, Northridge; Catherine Sonquist Forest, MD, MPH, Santa Cruz; Steven A. Green, MD, San Diego; Karun Grossman, MD, Sacramento; Thu Amy Nguyen Howell, MD, MBA, Santa Monica; Jay W. Lee, MD, MPH, Long Beach; Radha Lewis, MD, Davis; Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, MD, Upland; Felix L. Nunez, MD, MPH, Bell Gardens; Casey Vibbard Rodriguez, MD, MSPh, Mission Viejo; Joseph Scherger, MD, MPH, Del Mar; Trudy Singzon, MD, MPH, San Francisco; Lisa M. Ward, MD, MScPh, Santa Rosa; Michael J. Witte, MD, Petaluma; Lauren Wolchok, MD, San Francisco; Ashby Wolfe, MD, MPP, MPH, San Francisco; Adam Francis, CAFP Director of Government Relations, Staff Liaison

Medical Practice Affairs Committee

The Medical Practice Affairs Committee is responsible for developing and implementing an integrated plan to enhance family physicians’ position with purchasers of health care; provide leadership development for family physicians; and Advocate for members on socioeconomic-related issues, privileging and technology.

Chair: Lawrence Shore, MD, San Francisco

Members: Audra Budde, DO, Poway; Bo Greaves, MD, Santa Rosa; Lawrence D. Dardick, MD, Paul Grossman, MD, Pasadena; Leo Leer, MD, Eureka; Tarek Mahdi, MD, CMD, Anaheim; Lisa L. Thomsen, MD, La Verne.

Member Engagement Committee

The Medical Student and Resident Affairs Committee is responsible for coordinating the Academy's outreach to medical students and residents, ensuring that workforce reform issues are accurately reflected in CAFP student and resident programs, strengthening the presence of family medicine in California's medical schools, and collaborating with the Medical Practice Affairs and Legislative Affairs Committees and the CAFP Foundation to secure stable sources of funding for student and resident education.

Chair: Jay Lee, MD, MPH

Members: Michelle Lough (MS4, UCLA); Helen Yu, MD (PGY2, KP-LA); Alex McDonald, MD; Alison Block, MD; Jeannine Rodems, MD; Brent Sugimoto, MD; Kevin Rossi, MD; Anjana​ Sharma, MD; Alan Shahtaji, DO; Brea Bondi-Boyd, MD

special interest groups


    CAFP 100


    The CAFP 100 is a group of California family physicians dedicated to helping CAFP identify and understand everyday issues affecting our members. We know that family physicians are no strangers to administrative and regulatory burdens and are best-suited to help inform our ongoing action plans. Participants of the CAFP 100 help us monitor issues related to policy, medical practice affairs, practice transformation, payment reform, continuing education and more by committing to respond to brief quarterly surveys. Give your concerns a voice by joining the CAFP 100 today!