• Missed Your 2019 Dues Deadline?

    When you are reinstated as an AAFP and CAFP member, there is no gap in your years of membership and you will retain your original date of enrollment.
    To reinstate your membership, please call the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237.
  • CAFP Members Win NCCL Elections

    Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, MD and Moira Rashid, MD were elected as AAFP National Conference of Constituency Leaders  (NCCL) 2020 co-conveners for the New Physicians caucus and Brent Sugimoto is the New Physician Director to the AAFP Board and will be installed at the AAFP Congress of Delegates in Philadelphia this fall.
  • We'll See You in September

    Join us for our 11th annual Family Medicine Summit on September 7 in Los Angeles.
    CAFP's Family Medicine Summit provides an unprecedented opportunity for California medical students, residents, program directors and thought leaders in family medicine to convene for a day of learning, leading, reflecting and connecting. The Summit is a unique chance for attendees to network, develop leadership skills and advocacy acumen, and explore programs at the Residency Fair.

Need to Reinstate Your Membership? Call the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237.

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The Family Physicians Political Action Committee (FP-PAC) is a bipartisan group dedicated to helping pro-family medicine candidates win election to public office and educating current legislators on the importance of family medicine.

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The CAFP Foundation is dedicated to advancing the specialty of family medicine in California and  providing opportunities for medical students and residents as they develop leadership and advocacy skills.
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