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Major Health Programs Renewed After FP Advocacy
As part of the federal budget fight, CAFP, AAFP and family physicians from across the country called on Congress to ensure the continuation of several crucially important health programs, and that advocacy has paid off in a remarkable way!
Open the Door to Leadership | Saturday, March 10 | 9:30 – 11:30 am | The Citizen Hotel, Sacramento
CAFP Foundation is thrilled to invite you to this workshop designed specifically for medical students and FM residents. This workshop will help you open the door and step over the threshold to leadership. During this interactive session, you will learn about leadership characteristics and styles, active listening skills, facilitative leadership and shared decision making, communications tools and how to optimize mentoring relationships. You will also walk away with your “Next Step Action Plan,” and an appointment to follow-up with one of the faculty members. Hurry, only 11 seats left!

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