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building bridges

Building Bridges



Building Bridges Program Goals

The Student and Resident Councils have adopted the theme of Building Bridges to stress the importance of facilitating communication, increasing teamwork and establishing lasting relationships between family medicine leaders. There are three goals of the Building Bridges campaign:

Increase communication

Increase communication by getting every medical school, residency program, and CAFP chapter in the same region in touch with one another and aware of each other’s events for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Create a unified calendar

Create a unified calendar that will have every major CAFP and FMIG chapter event listed on the CAFP website.

Organize collaborative events

Organize one collaborative event for each region involving medical students, residents, and CAFP chapter members. Project ideas include, but are not limited to: Community outreach events, procedural workshops, resolution drafting or visiting a local legislator’s office.


District Director Responsibilities

As a district director, you will serve as the main point-person between the Councils and your district. You will be responsible for:

  • Leading a breakout group at the Family Medicine Summit.
  • Coordinating district conference calls and emails.
  • Gathering and constantly updating a list of all of the 2016-2017 events held by the various FMIG 
and CAFP chapters in your district.
  • Attending different events hosted by the medical schools, residency programs, and CAFP 
chapters in your district.

There are seven Building Bridges regions, which are broken down in this document. If you are interested in serving as a district director, please become a member of the Student or Resident Council.