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may 2017

A Message from Your Student Council Co-Chair Leader

Over the past year, our country has seen some of the most politically charged times in recent history. With so much at stake, like most of my medical school classmates, I first felt bewildered at what these changes would mean for our country and the future of healthcare. I then eventually moved onto feeling a deep desire to get more involved in ensuring that our patient’s voices were not only being heard but also amplified. As one of my favorite medical school professors taught me, there is great power conferred to you in your title not only as a physician but even as a medical student, and as he urged, “don’t take the mic - be the mic” for your community. Although patient advocacy is strongly encouraged and your role as a “physician leader” in the community is emphasized during medical school education, often times the “how to steps” are not a part of our curriculum or experience which is what led me to pursue greater involvement as a student member of the CAFP.


As student co-chair of the student-resident council, I had the privilege of being a part of board meetings where my questions, ideas and viewpoints as a student member were always encouraged. I had the wonderful opportunity to better understand how the CAFP functions as an organization and how it works so tirelessly to advocate for our specialty and patients across the state. Being a part of those meetings also helped me stay well-informed regarding key state legislation and CAFP policy stances, which then allowed me to be a helpful source of information to my other medical student colleagues regarding those issues. Perhaps my most memorable and favorite experience as part of the council this past year was attending the yearly All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM) where California family medicine physicians, residents and medical students are invited to participate in a weekend long event about advocacy training and leadership development. What I enjoyed most about this experience was not only the valuable practical and tangible skills I had gained, but also the important lesson of how advocacy work can in many instances be our best antidote to the all too prevalent issue of physician burnout that many of us have already or may encounter in our careers in medicine.


I feel that having a passion for advocacy and going beyond the clinic walls to improve the communities of our patients is why most of us get into Family Medicine. But sometimes the act of doing advocacy or health policy work seems overwhelming, because we often find ourselves unaware of how to best take that first step. I encourage you to not let this dissuade you from getting involved because there is a group of extremely passionate and supportive people at the CAFP who are eager to show you how to do just that (and have fun while doing it!). So, if you have ever thought about and are curious about getting more involved with CAFP or serving in a leadership position, I say go for it! Let your active participation help transform you into the skilled physician leader and advocate you strive to be and your patients deserve.


- Ridwa Abdi


Announcing New Family Medicine Residency Program and 4th Year Sub-Internship

Kaiser Permanente San Jose will be launching a new Family Medicine Residency Program with their first class of six residents in July of 2018. They are also inviting fourth year medical students to apply to an expanded fourth year sub-internship in Family Medicine. To learn more, click here for details.

U.S. Surgeon General calls on Medical Graduates to Stand up for Truth, Reason, and Science

The 19th U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy rallied the UCSF medical graduates during his commencement address, calling on them to be the moral leaders our society needs - standing up for truth, reason and science - even if it means engaging in controversy or politics. Watch it here.


Family Medicine Summit Registration is Now Open!

The Family Medicine Summit will be here before you know it. Please mark your calendars for Saturday, September 9, 2017 in Los Angeles at the Hilton LAX. This is the event for Students and Residents. We encourage you to take advantage of this academic and social opportunity to learn and network with colleagues and family medicine leaders.Register here!


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Dates and Events

05/30/17 | CAFP Student-Resident Council applications due (Students and Residents)
09/09/17 | CAFP Family Medicine Summit in Los Angeles, CA
06/30/17 | FMX Early Bird Deadline