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contract review service

Family physicians commonly begin life in practice as employees. Sometimes, this is a trial period prior to being invited to become a partner in a practice. Increasingly, however, physicians are acting as employees indefinitely. Either way, to protect yourself, you should seriously consider having your contract reviewed by a knowledgeable attorney familiar with health care law and medical practice issues.

CAFP can help. For a modest fee of $450 (CAFP members only) we will lead you through the process, from basic education to legal review with a qualified health care attorney. With your future at stake, you can’t afford not to take advantage of this service.


Service includes:

- Background reading on employment contract issues.

- A copy of the California Medical Association’s Model Physician Employment contract.

- A thorough review and follow-up phone consultation by a qualified attorney.*


Interested? Here's how you get started:

E-mail information relevant to your contract to Conrad Amenta. We will send you copies of reading references and CMA’s Model Physician Employment Contract and put you in contact with a qualified attorney.

The reviewing attorney will contact you regarding your contract and payment and will schedule a follow-up phone call to discuss the contract and possible revisions.

*Service does not include direct representation for contract negotiations.



Please contact Conrad Amenta.