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California Residency Network

The health of a population is inextricably linked to the education physicians receive during their clinical training, particularly the training they receive during residency. In this time of health reform and systems change, it is becoming more important than ever that California trains family physicians that can provide comprehensive primary care to the state’s diverse population. On April 16, 2014, family medicine residency programs in attendance at the 3rd annual CAFP Song Brown Family Medicine Dinner voted to implement a membership fee to support the creation of a network. This fee has allowed CAFP to hire a Program Support Coordinator devoted to helping residency programs develop and share resources and creating local and statewide support systems for programs and formally create the CAFP Residency Network (CRN).


CAFP is currently developing the resources following Residency Network members:

Academic Family Medicine Calendar – a centralized compilation of regional, state and key national family medicine events to help family medicine educators stay on top of important dates.

Educational Resources - as the milestone transition process continues, the network will facilitate the development and sharing of curriculum and faculty training resources as well as residency education best practices.

Regional Communication and Networking – with more than 50 programs across the state of California, inter-program communication is critical to shared success.  Our communications will allow for the planning of regional events and help programs work together in creating regional identity for recruitment strategy.

Mission and Vision

Mission: The CAFP Residency Network (CRN) comprises family medicine residency leaders and educators advocating for the statewide advancement of family medicine through leadership development, improvement of resident education, faculty and pipeline development, promotion of wellness within the specialty, collaborative interdisciplinary innovation, continuous curricular improvement and legislative engagement.

Vision: Family medicine is a primary solution for population health. Family medicine residency programs provide inspired, broadly skilled, accessible and valuable physician leaders for California communities.


CAFP Residency Network’s strategy and actions are guided by the following values: (1) Collaborating across all levels of family medicine education; (2) community-building within CRN’s regions and across the state; (3) sharing CRN’s enthusiasm for family medicine and an enduring commitment to the health of our patients and communities; (4) sustainability and stewardship of resources as exemplified in our function and our shared actions; (4) mentorship to develop future leaders and teachers of family medicine; (5) developing a diverse, culturally competent pipeline of family physicians; (6) fostering physician well-being and work-life balance; and (7) promoting the discipline of family medicine as a means to providing exceptional patient-centric health care.


All accredited California family medicine residency programs are eligible for membership. Member programs shall be organized by region based on geographic location. The state is divided into six regions: Great Valley North, Greater Bay Area, Great Valley South, Inland Empire, Greater Los Angeles and Greater San Diego. Membership dues are based on the resident complement of the program. Any change in the membership dues shall be voted on and approved by the CRN Advisory Committee.


The CAFP Residency Network shall be governed by an Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is responsible for network oversight, budget, strategic planning, and service to its member programs. A quorum is required for any vote. A quorum shall be greater than half of the Advisory Committee members and a majority vote is required on all matters decided. The CRN Advisory Committee members will hold two year terms, decided at the annual Song-Brown Family Medicine Funding Meeting dinner and shall consist of: two program director co-chairs (one from Northern California and one from Southern California); twelve regional liaisons (two from each region); and one resident representative.




Program Name


Diana Coffa, MD UCSF - SFGH Greater Bay Area
Jeffrey Haney, MD Sutter Santa Rosa Greater Bay Area
Theresa Nevarez, MD UCLA - Harbor Greater Los Angeles
Lucy Tarin, MD White Memorial Greater Los Angeles
Debbie Lupeika Shasta Community Health Center Great Valley North
Kay Nelsen UC Davis Great Valley North
Lauren Simon, MD Loma Linda Inland Empire
Patricia Trantham, MD Kaiser Fontana Inland Empire
Lance Fuchs, MD Kaiser San Diego Greater San Diego
Kristin Brownell, MD Family Health Centers San Diego Greater San Diego
We do not have any elected leadership for this region. If you are interested in representing this region, please contact Pamela Mann. Great Valley South (Fresno, Kern, Tulare, Kings, San Luis Obispo)













The CAFP Residency Network is organized by the California Academy of Family Physicians (Academy) operating within the Academy and subject to its authority with support from individual residency programs throughout the state.  The CRN reports to the Board of the Academy and is subject to the bylaws and ethical obligations of the Academy.  Staff support is provided at the discretion and under the management of the Academy and staff is responsible to the rules of its personnel handbook.  All financial and/or contractual obligations the CAFP Residency Network wishes to assume are subject to the approval of the Academy.