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donor of the month


Marion Leff, MD is FP-PAC’s September Donor of the Month. Dr. Leff has been a CAFP member for more than 30 years and has been one of FP-PAC’s most generous contributors since 2007! Dr. Leff recently retired as the Residency Program Director at the Sutter Health Family Medicine Residency Program in Sacramento. We congratulate her on her distinguished career! Dr. Leff hosted FP-PAC’s first ever Fundraising House Party and serves as a CAFP Key Contact. She received her medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia and completed her residency training at UC Davis.




Why do you contribute to FP-PAC?


It is important to have a voice at the table. If we don’t support our own organization, who do we think will speak up for concerns of family doctors? It has to be us.


What would you say to someone who may be hesitant to contribute to a Political Action Committee?


Try it; a small amount first. You will be surprised how empowered you feel to speak up or ask tough questions if you put your money on the table.



Have you ever attended an FP-PAC event or represented FP-PAC at a fundraiser? If so, what did you learn by attending the event?


I hosted a “Meet and Greet” event for Assemblymember Dave Jones before he became California’s Insurance Commissioner. While he was very informed on primary care issues, I am always amazed at how much education other legislators require from us. These events afford a great opportunity to interact in a way we wouldn’t be able to without the PAC.



Less than five percent of family physicians contribute to FP-PAC. Why should more family physicians contribute?


In my experience, no other body has spoken up for our causes with any greater success than our team that represents us within the political system in which we practice our profession. My dollars help to assure that top notch people represent us, educate us and help train us in this area of important leadership.



Are you involved politically with CAFP in any other activities (key contact, committee member, national PAC donor, etc.)?


I have been a Key Contact and testified at the State Capitol in legislative hearings. I also worked with the other family physicians in my area to help educated legislators about residency programs, as well as protecting California’s medical liability laws.