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donor of the month

Jerry P. Abraham, MD, MPH, CMQ is the Family Physicians Political Action Committee (FP-PAC) February Donor of the Month! Dr. Abraham is a FP-PAC and FamPAC donor, Legislative Key Contact, attends legislative day every year and serves as a Los Angeles Chapter Delegate to CAFP’s All Member Advocacy Meeting. “I’m happy to advocate for Family Medicine and Primary Care with the House of Medicine and beyond!”




Why do you contribute to FP-PAC?


I contribute to FP-PAC because I know our dollars are responsibly used to advance the Primary Care agenda in California. It’s a great return on investment. Time and time again, FP-PAC and its staff continue to prove to donors the power of our contributions. Just look at all the successes they have achieved for the Primary Care Docs and Patients of California.


What would you say to someone who may be hesitant to contribute to a Political Action Committee?


The proof is in the pudding. Just look at the FP-PAC’s track record when it comes to legislative and political successes and then decide. The FP-PAC is the most effective Family Medicine PAC across the various state chapter PACs in the AAFP. The fact that FP-PAC continues to win awards year after year is a testament to its success. Don’t hesitate any longer—GIVE!



Less than five percent of family physicians contribute to FP-PAC. Why should more family physicians contribute?


Together, we are stronger. We can only continue to achieve these successes and tackle new challenges so long as there are funds to support these activities. Legislative Advocacy ain’t cheap, but if we all give a little—we’ll all have a lot!



What was one of the earliest advocacy/PAC activities you undertook in medicine?


In medical school, I remember organizing a Walk With a Doc Event with Dr. Regina Benjamin, the 18th Surgeon General of the United States and an African-American woman Family Doctor practicing in the Deep South. It was so inspiring to see all of these Physicians-in-Training walking the blocks of urban-underserved Washington, DC and hear the perspectives of the Surgeon General on how we can improve the health and lives of the most vulnerable—especially by Making Health Policy!



Have you ever attended an FP-PAC event or represented FP-PAC at a fundraiser? If so, what did you learn by attending the event?


Yes. It was eye-opening for one. I’m a huge fan of CAFP and the advocacy we do on behalf of colleagues and patients. What I was surprised by was how well-known CAFP and FP-PAC are. It’s a testament to its effectiveness and influence as a PAC. There have been several events for state legislators where policymakers seek out FP-PAC and want to understand our priorities and agenda. I’m always amazed how knowledgeable many state leaders are about the Primary Care shortage—that’s all because of the hard work, staff and events of FP-PAC.