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Family Physician of the Year

Tipu Khan, MD, 2018 Recipient

The California Academy of Family Physicians presents the 2018 Family Physician of the Year Award to Tipu Khan, MD. This prestigious award goes to an individual who exhibits the finest qualities of family physicians and who goes above and beyond in service to patients and community.


It has been written of Tipu that he is on a mission to save both his community and the world at large. Numerous stories could be shared … like his work performing tattoo removal for formerly incarcerated gang members, or providing obstetric care for women with opioid addiction, but none of them fully capture the depth of his compassion. When the California wildfires hit Ventura this last year, we all worried for our colleagues, but also knew that Dr. Khan would be there to lead. Sure enough, we saw his face on television, rendering care despite ongoing fires in the surrounding community, and again while fundraising for relief. His nomination for Family Physician of the Year is timely. We live in times of great sociopolitical instability, when role models are few and far between, when the brave and the bold are needed more than ever. Dr. Khan is among the bravest, the boldest, and the most compassionate members of our society. His voice will continue to be a source of inspiration for family physicians for years to come.



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