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Barbara Harris Award for Educational Excellence

Gilberto Granados, MD, 2016 Recipient



The Barbara Harris Award was established in 1984 to honor the late Ms. Harris, a former Executive Director of CAFP.  The award was renamed, with an enhanced focus, in 1996 to recognize educational excellence in the field of family medicine. CAFP Foundation’s Barbara Harris Award for Excellence in Education has been presented to 27 incredible teachers. The award is presented to an individual working in California who demonstrates excellence in advances in education in the field of family medicine; family medicine teaching in medical schools, residency programs and/or post-graduate CME. The list of winners of this award is long and noteworthy!

Gilberto Granados, MD joins this group.  Gilberto is clinical associate professor, department of family medicine, UCLA School of Medicine.  He is also a member of the Advisory Board for the PRIME-UCLA program.  Dr. Granados, a humble physician who gives of himself with no expectation for acknowledgement, is most deserving of the Educational Excellence award. Given the growing economic inequity in this nation, it is important to recognize medical leaders who not only exemplify excellence within the traditional bounds of medicine but who demonstrate excellence in teaching and work in related social, economic, and environmental arenas.

We are told there is no program that better typifies Dr. Granados dedication to student education than the Summer Urban Preceptorship.  This is an award-winning, multi-level tiered mentorship program.  He has been co-director for the past 18 years and has developed it into the program it is today … his baby.  Every year he is consumed with the extensive planning and fundraising for this intensive six-week summer program ... a program that has reached hundreds of future family physicians. The Foundation received a bag full of letters – all extolling the virtues of a humble physician who goes about his day teaching students and residents, mentoring and precepting the next generation, advocating to address health disparities, and fighting for the underserved patients in the community he calls home.   It is our honor to present the 2016 Barbara Harris Award for Educational Excellence to Gilberto Granados.

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