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march 21, 2017


American Health Care Act Does Not Meet AAFP or CAFP Standards

AAFP let the House of Representatives leadership know on Monday, March 20, 2017 that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) failed on two of the most influential indicators of health:  continuous health care coverage and a usual source of care, typically through a continuous relationship with a primary care physician.  In a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, AAFP Board Chair Wanda Filer, MD, MBA, FAAFP said, “…millions of people will lose coverage under the AHCA and those who do retain coverage will face escalating premiums and deductibles that will further separate them and their health care needs from the health system.”


CAFP joined AAFP in asking members of the House to vote “no” on the AHCA. CAFP also reached out to its key contacts in legislative districts that would be hardest hit by the AHCA’s provisions to call their Congressional representatives, tell them how many of their constituents would be adversely affected and ask for a “no” vote.


Thanks to the key contacts who took time away from their busy practices to do this important advocacy work on behalf of patients.  


CAFP Shares in Match Day Magic

The third Friday of March is Match Day in the U.S., when the results of the National Resident Matching Program are announced at 155 medical schools throughout the country. On March 17, CAFP helped celebrate #Match2017 on campus at Stanford University, Loma Linda University and UC Irvine Schools of Medicine, connecting with and congratulating medical students who matched in family medicine. CAFP also shared in the social media excitement throughout the day, reacting to celebratory posts from across California. Nationally, family medicine topped its own record, with an all-time high of 3,237 medical students and graduates choosing family medicine residency programs.


See photos from California Match Day events here.


Read more about the results from Match Day 2017 in the AAFP's official release.


Action Requested: AAFP SpeakOut on the AHCA

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives recently introduced a plan to reform the national health care system entitled the American Health Care Act (AHCA). While the policy maintains several important protections of the Affordable Care Act, the Congressional Budget Office recently released a "score" projecting that, if enacted, the AHCA will leave millions of currently insured Americans without coverage. The AAFP has launched a SpeakOut urging legislators to oppose any legislation that would leave millions of patients without affordable coverage. Please go to SpeakOut to register your concern with AHCA.


President Lee Ralph to Testify on Health Care Reform Proposal

CAFP President Lee Ralph will participate in a panel discussion about Congressional Republicans’ proposed American Health Care Act at a hearing by the State Senate Health Committee on Friday, March 24 at 2:30 pm at San Diego State University. CAFP sent a letter to the entire California Congressional delegation on March 13 outlining its positions on provisions of the legislation, which contains roll backs of key coverage, benefits and consumer protections of the Affordable Care Act, roll backs opposed by CAFP and the American Academy of Family Physicians. CAFP further stated the new legislation falls well short of the principles by which CAFP assesses all proposed health reform and places at risk the affordability, comprehensiveness and availability of health care coverage for millions.


CAFP Board to Consider Eight Policy Resolutions Proposed at AMAM

CAFP’s Board of Directors meets April 7 in San Francisco and will begin considering eight resolutions on which testimony was presented at the recent All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM) in Sacramento. The resolutions include:


        A-01-17 – Repeal the Hyde Amendment

        A-02-17 – Call for a Physical Activity Vital Sign in Clinical Practice
        A-03-17 – Endorse Restriction of Antibiotic Use in Food Animals
        A-04-17 – Acknowledge the Negative Health Impacts of Artificial Food Colors and Endorse Their Elimination from the American Food System
        A-05-17 – Protect the Integrity of the Affordable Care Act
        A-06-17 – New Search Options for Specific Residency Characteristics in the Residency Directory on the AAFP Website
        ER-01-17 – Single Payer
        ER-02-17 – Protecting Medicaid Beneficiaries with Disabilities against Per Capita Caps


    The Board can adopt, not adopt, amend or refer to a CAFP committee for recommendation back to the Board. Information about actions on resolutions is publicized after each Board meeting and is included on CAFP’s website under the AMAM.


    Join the CAFP 100 Today!

    The CAFP 100 is a group of California family physicians dedicated to helping CAFP identify and understand everyday issues affecting our members. We know that family physicians are no strangers to administrative and regulatory burdens and are best-suited to help inform our ongoing action plans. Participants of the CAFP 100 help us monitor issues related to policy, medical practice affairs, practice transformation, payment reform, continuing education and more by committing to respond to brief quarterly surveys. Give your concerns a voice by contacting CAFP’s Manager of Medical Practice Affairs, Sonia Kantak, at today to join the CAFP 100!



    Only 17 More Days – but Who's Counting?

    We are! We're counting on you to be at CAFP's largest meeting of the year, the Family Medicine Clinical Forum, taking place April 8-9 at the San Francisco Hilton Union Square. A weekend of excellent cutting-edge clinical education paired with the opportunity to visit with 300 of your colleagues in a supportive environment. Last year's attendees raved about this event and you will, too!


    “This is the one CAFP meeting a year where I know I will come away feeling completely RECHARGED and ENERGIZED about my choice to be a Family Physician and make a difference in my patients' lives.”


    Earn up to 28.75 AAFP Prescribed CME credits! Don’t miss out. Register today! #FMForum17 #FMRevolution


    Commonwealth Fund's State System Rankings Released

    The Commonwealth Fund has released its latest scorecard ranking state health systems, "Aiming Higher: Results from the Commonwealth Fund Scorecard on State Health System Performance." The scorecard contains rankings for every state against 40 performance indicators measured between 2013 and 2015.


    Thanks to its enthusiastic adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including its early expansion of Medi-Cal eligibility and establishment of its insurance exchange, Covered California, California was the most improved of any state, moving its ranking from 26th to 14th overall. California's epidemic shortage of family doctors, however, remains evident from the rankings: California ranks 35th and 50th, respectively, for "Adults with a usual source of care" and "Children with a medical home." California's performance also worsened with regard to "Medicare fee-for-service patients whose health provider always listens, explains, shows respect, and spends enough time with them."


    California-specific rankings are available here.


    CAFP Member Honored as Woman of the Year

    The California State Assembly Democratic Caucus named CAFP Member Jennifer Hastings, MD as their Woman of the Year. This honor was given to Dr. Hastings in recognition of her work as a trailblazer in the field of transgender care and reproductive rights. Congratulations, Dr. Hastings; your work is exemplary.


    Interested in Serving on an AAFP Commission?

    AAFP will announce openings on its commissions in July and has instituted a new online application process, but applications must be endorsed by the state chapter. If you are interested in serving, please contact CAFP at and we will alert you to open positions in July.


    It's Easy to Renew Your Membership Online

    Thank you for your membership! If you have not already done so, please renew your membership for 2017. You can renew online on the AAFP website, or contact the CAFP at (415) 345-8667 for assistance.