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August 7, 2018



County Chapters Advised of Delegate Count for All Member Advocacy Meeting

In July, CAFP sent notices to county chapter leaders and executives advising them of the number of delegates and alternates they are entitled to send to the 2019 All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM) on March 9-10, 2019 at The Citizen Hotel in Sacramento. Delegate and alternate names are due to CAFP on December 14, as are resolutions for consideration by the Board of Directors.



Looming Legislative Battles Leads to FP-PAC Change

By Jay W. Lee, MD, MPH – Chair, Family Physicians Political Action Committee Board


The challenges facing our health care system can feel overwhelming. So much can be improved and so many competing interests seek to drown out the voice of family medicine. CAFP battled nearly 20 pieces of legislation aimed at regulating how we practice medicine in just this legislative session alone. If family medicine had the power to SHAPE the Legislature, by fervently supporting and electing family medicine champions to office, legislators would ALREADY know exactly which bills are the most harmful and those that will make a positive difference to your patients and practice!


Look no further than the election of Richard Pan, MD to see the difference made by electing a family medicine champion to the Legislature. The Family Physicians Political Action Committee (FP-PAC) was a major supporter of now-Senator Pan’s campaign. FP-PAC is a bipartisan political organization with the sole mission of helping elect pro-family medicine candidates to public office and educating current legislators on the value of family medicine. Since taking office, Senator Pan has fought tirelessly for primary care and patients, authoring legislation to improve childhood immunizations and primary care payment, supporting the Patient Centered Medical Home and fighting legislation harmful to patients and primary care physicians. Not only has he enacted legislation, he has advised his non-physician colleagues about how their votes will affect our patients and us.


That is why CAFP and FP-PAC are launching a bold initiative to take back family medicine’s rightful place as the leader in health care. EVERY California family physician’s involvement and support will be required. CAFP will increase 2019 dues by $24 and dedicate those funds to help elect family medicine-friendly candidates to office. This plan was developed by the CAFP Board and passed with the strong support of the family physician delegates to the All Member Advocacy Meeting. This equates to less than $0.07 a day, an insignificant amount for each of us. Collectively, however, $0.07/day from our 6,000+ Active members means FP-PAC will become one of the most powerful health care PACs in the state. Please see this webpage for more details.


Whether you are in a large multi-specialty practice or in the trenches as a solo rural FP, we are ALL family physicians and we are the largest primary care specialty society in California. More than 10,000 members strong, if we act together we cannot and WILL NOT be ignored.


Why Contribute to FP-PAC?



Not a Member of an Active County Chapter and Want to Be an AMAM Delegate?

If the county in which you practice family medicine does not have an active chapter, you have two options: 1) Start a chapter! CAFP can help – please contact Morgan Cleveland at for assistance; or 2) Contact CAFP at and let us know you are interested in serving as a delegate. We will alert your District Director on the Board and then advise you on how to proceed. This must be accomplished before December 14, so act soon, please.



New CAFP EVP Lisa Folberg Begins Work September 17

Send her a welcome email at She will be hitting the ground running with a Chapter Executives Leadership Meeting, the AAFP Congress of Delegates, the CMA House of Delegates, preparation of the Academy’s 2019 budget and staffing the November Board meeting, and could use your support and encouragement! Thank you.



CAFP Opposes Proposed Barriers to Reproductive Health Care

CAFP submitted a letter to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) last week strongly opposing proposed changes to the Title X Family Planning Program. HHS’s proposal would dramatically reduce access to care for patients and make it difficult for family physicians to provide comprehensive and appropriate advice about contraceptive methods. Title X is a federal grant program dedicated to providing individuals who might not otherwise have access to care for comprehensive family planning and related preventive health care services. The proposed regulations violate existing CAFP policy that supports access to reproductive health services when deemed appropriate by evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and the judgment of a qualified health care professional. Analysis by nearly every medical organization and advocacy group found the proposed regulations would undermine the evidence-based standard of care and effectiveness of the Title X program, represent undue legislative interference in the independent practice of medicine, increase costs to taxpayers, create additional administrative burden and bureaucratic uncertainty and destabilize federally qualified health centers.



Didn’t Make It to National Conference? Don’t Fear, the Summit Is Here

Join us at our 10th annual Family Medicine Summit, September 8 in Los Angeles. The theme for this year's FM Summit, The Prism of Practice, explores the spectrum of family medicine: We’ll share stories about What Working in Medicine is Really Like; hear from program directors about their take on the future of residency training; sit and chat with family physicians about diverse practice settings; and dive deep into topical sessions on global health, loan repayment, contract negotiations and joy in practice. And, of course, registration gets you a ticket into our renowned Residency Fair! Catch a special keynote presentation by The Nocturnists, a live storytelling group of physicians sharing stories of joy, sorrow, self-discovery and how to best care for each other.



Share Your Story of Family Medicine

Our members across the state have shared with us their stories of family medicine; about a turning point in their career or a patient who left a lifelong impression on their practice. Share your journey of family medicine and why the work you do every day is important to you, and celebrate 70 years of California Academy of Family Physicians.



August Member of the Month – Sumana Reddy, MD, FAAFP

Congratulations to our August Member of the Month, Dr. Sumana Reddy. Dr. Reddy is a graduate of University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and completed her residency in family medicine at Natividad Medical Center. She continues to work in the region at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare. Dr. Reddy is a member of the Monterey-San Benito chapter of CAFP and serves as the District 7 Alternate to the CAFP Board of Directors. She has served as District 7 Director as well. She also is a long-time supporter of the Family Physicians PAC (FP-PAC). “I found 'my calling' only towards the very end of medical school after rotations in community health and family medicine. Every doctor I met on that FM rotation was my ideal of a good communicator and caring physician.”



CAFP Membership and Marketing Director Shannon Goecke Has Left the Academy

Shannon Goecke, CAFP’s Membership and Marketing Director, has left the Academy. Until a successor is identified, please contact either Morgan Cleveland or Shelly Rodrigues at CAFP with questions or problems about membership at or call 415-345-8667. Thank you.



Start Thinking about Potential Nominees for CAFP Elected Offices

It’s never too early to begin thinking about who will lead CAFP! Your CAFP Nominating Committee, chaired by Immediate Past President Michelle Quiogue, will meet by conference call in the fall to develop a slate of candidates for consideration by the Delegates attending the 2019 All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM). Members of the Nominating Committee include: Drs. Asma Jafri, Tonatzin Rodriguez and Monique George (elected from the AMAM) and Drs. Anthony Chong and Steve Harrison from the CAFP Board, in addition to Dr. Quiogue. Speak to one of them with your ideas or contact CAFP at


Nominations include: President-elect, Speaker, Vice Speaker, 2019-20 Delegate and Alternate to AAFP and one Nominating Committee member from the AMAM. The Board of Directors will elect the Secretary-Treasurer.



Reminder about 2019 AAFP Commission Openings

Nominations for service on AAFP commissions beginning in 2019 (four-year terms) are due October 15. If you’d like CAFP’s endorsement of your application to serve, so indicate on your application and kindly provide a copy of your CV by email at Contact CAFP for more information or go to the AAFP website to find the application form and Conflict of Interest statement, along with information about the charge of each commission. You will be given the option of requesting a letter of endorsement.


Remember, it’s possible to apply for positions on CAFP committees all year round – interested? Contact CAFP at