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All member advocacy meeting


2017 Resolutions

Res. A-01-17: CAFP Resolution to Real the Hyde Amendment

Introduced by Nicole Cory Baltrushes-Hughes, MD, and Alison D. Bock, MD

Res. A-02-17: Call for a Physical Activity Vital Sign in Clinical Practice

Introduced by Alex Mroszczyk‐McDonald, MD

Res. A-03-17: Endorse Restriction of Antibiotic Use in Food Animals

Introduced by Kimberly Clinite, MD; Dwiju Kumar, MD, MPH; Kendall Madden, MD, MS; Guillermo Padilla, MD, MPH; Jessica Rhodes, MD, MPH; Tara Scott, MD; and Laura Vega, MD

Res. A-04-17: Acknowledge the Negative Health Impacts of Artificial Food Colors and Endorse Their Elimination from the American Food System

Introduced by Jacqueline Abdalla, MD; Anastasia Coutinho, MD; Kayla Flores Tindall, MD, MPH; Afsoon Foorohar, DO; Tara Scott, MD; Stacie Vilendrer, MD; and Maya Zwerdling, MD

Res. A-05-17: Protect the Integrity of the Affordable Care Act

Introduced by Rosann Chen, MD, MSc

Res. A-06-17: New Search Options for Specific Residency Characteristics in the Residency Directory on the AAFP website

Introduced by Rosann Chen, MD, MSc